Mahjongg game (Pyramids Layout)

Mahjong Emerald for Windows 10 (Download)
With mahjongg game featuring 240 Levels, 30 Tile collections, 45 Backgrounds and 15 soothing music
tracks. Three variations of game play and including 'Finesse' (special bonus tools), 'Agility' (race against
clock), & 'Wisdom' (remove tiles by creating words)

Mahjongg game with features including 'Mix', 'Undo', 'Pair', & 'Peek'. There is 10 player statistics
along with a graph showing all player ranks. The 240 challenging Layouts range from 72 to 288 tiles in size










The object of 'Dragons' is to remove as many pieces as possible. In order to click off a piece it should be clear.
A clear tile is one which has its entire left or right edge exposed. Additionally, its face must not be covered by
any part of another one resting on it. In the example below only the '2's' are free and may be removed...


For mahjongg game, that 's all there is to it! However, Dragons is deceivingly simple with 3 game modes...

FINESSE: To claim victory within the style of 'Finesse' pairs must be matched. To help clearing board, you 're
given a few tools. Use 'Mix' to shuffle the mahjong pieces or use 'Undo' to reset the last two you've cleared.
Also 'Pair' to display all pieces of the same pattern no matter where they lay. While using Pair, try clicking on
a buried piece. 'Peek' will expose any hidden tile or one that is simply hard to identify. A very helpful end of
game tool. When running out of 'Peek''s, using the 'Pair' feature can almost substitute. Be inventive!

AGILITY: To win the variation 'Agility' clearing pairs is also the goal. In this style of Agility, you're racing
against the clock. This is one of the most common ways to play mahjong solitaire in the past. The quicker
the board can be finished, the higher your score. They're a few tools to help along the way. 'Mix' allows
shuffling of the mahjong tiles. The tool stops the timer for 10 seconds. While paused, it allows a
player to plan your next moves. Great when you're stuck or slowing down. Very good for when your needing
to orient yourself once again

WISDOM: To play the style of 'Wisdom' creating words are required to clear the tiles. You're are given tools
to help with this. The 'Mix' tool comes in handy at key times for Shuffling. If you're are having trouble with a
word you can use the 'Push' feature. The 'Push' tool allows you to permanently convert a letter block. e.g.
clicking on 'B' letter will change it to 'C'. 'X' changes to 'Y' etc.. More of a score is given to bigger words.
The 'Wisdom' style is not only challenging but also very educational. This variation is good for improving ones
spelling skill.

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